Amazing!These Cutting Methods and Style for Ribbon, You Should Know!!


Ribbon Cutting Methods and Styles

With the development of society, ribbon is more and more widely used in all walks of life, including clothing industry, shoes and hats, bags, outdoor supplies, hanging ribbon, packing ribbon, handbag, car safety ribbon and other industries.Ribbon is widely used, on the ribbon processing equipment also requires a high degree of automation, beautiful effect requirements.So what are the ribbon cutting techniques and styles?Click on the article to find out more!

Custom ribbon

                                    Essential Ribbon Cut Styles                                   

1. Straight Cut

ribbon cut

2. Point to Point Cut

printed ribbon

3.Obverse Bias Cut and Reverse Bias Cut

Custom ribbonribbon cut

4. Single Obverse Bias Cut and Single Reverse Bias Cut

printed ribbonCustom ribbon

5. Fish Tail Cut and Reverse Fish Tail Cut

ribbon cutprinted ribbon

6. Wave Cut and Single Wave Cut

Custom ribbonribbon cut

7.Coattail Cut and Single Coattail Cut

printed ribbon

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                                        Cutting Methods and Craft                                        

Heat Cut

Machine: Manual cutting machine,Automatic cutting machine.


Craft features: For manual cut, it shares the advantage of high flexibility and efficiency and the cut edge wouldn't disperse.

                        For automatic cut,it shares the advange of straight and consistent cut, no cutting edge dispersing and no scorch.But its maximum length is 1 yard.


Cold Cut

Machine: Pressure punch machine.


Craft features:It is available for various shapes and materials and no scorch, but the cut edge would disperse.


Ultrasonic Cut

Machine: Ultrasonic cutting machine 


Craft features: It shares the advantage of no cut edge dispersing and no scorch.But it only available for straight cut.

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